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The value of a new age of beauty is FINALLY here...

Let me start by saying that it's long overdue. These days, we have so many options on the road to better health. New information is vast and available to those who are interested in making choices that lead to healthier lifestyles via the internet and scientific breakthrough technologies. I am writing this because I am excited about my own path in life with regard to the relevance of this topic to the beauty industry. There are so options to achieve my goals of helping my clients look and feel beautiful. Many companies are realizing that today's consumer is discerning when it comes to products. We are doing more than just reading the labels on our everyday shampoos, conditioners and skin care, we are making decisions about our values. Our choices in how we spend our money have spoken the loudest. More and more companies are producing products that are cruelty and carcinogen free as well as paying more attention to reducing their harms to our environment. I find it lovely to watch these important value producers gain momentum.

Now, as I stated in my heading to this piece, I am personally working hard every day to produce that value to the clients in my salon chair. My goal is to make every client who sits in my chair feel beautiful and I honestly believe by doing this, I am able to do my part in making the world a better place. I choose to focus on what is best for their hair and lifestyle. I use my expertise to help them to decide on a hairstyle that fits the image they want to convey to the world. I listen earnestly to them and attempt to give them options that are achievable and enhancing to their individual true essences of beauty. I believe the best way to do this is to approach each consultation with the end goal of healthier hair. I love that we have come so far in the advancement of hair treatment. Gone are the days when your only option was to go under a dryer with conditioner to only see it washed down the drain in the next couple shampoos. With the amazing advents of keratin smoothing treatments and bonding services - not to mention even better technological advancements within hair color and haircare products overall, the wonderful and exciting profession of Cosmetology is capable of finally gaining the respect it deserves. It is and has been the greatest gift to me in my life. I am so grateful to all the teachers and clients who gave me the opportunity to continue to love my life as a stylist every day. I'm glad that I get to go to a place I NEVER call work. I'd rather think of the chair that I have the honor to stand behind every day at Ulta Beauty- as my 2nd home. (and

I do.)

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